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Do not use Mastery Nutrition!  Earlier name: Mastery Pet Food 

Poison/pet food. We have strong reasons to think that the brand Mastery Pet Food content some kind of poison in December 2005.

About Mastery Nutrition! (brand name today.) In year 2005 named Mastery Pet Food. Manufacturer DogN´Cat International, former subsidiary of Virbac Nutrition. Adress: Zone industrielle, 252 Rue Philippe Lamour, 30600 Vauvert, Frankrike. 

We have this Mastery, cat and dog food, stored in original bags, which we kept at room temperature (about 22 degrees Celsius) for more than 13 years !! Despite this, it seems to be newly produced, no mold, no insects, no smell or worms ?? This is mildly alarming. Nevertheless, DogN`Cat International stubbornly claimed that their products were not contaminated. Dog and cat food always have a best before date and when it is passed, it will not be long before it becomes clearly unfit to use. We have had several other dogs and cat food in the same warehouse that we also used for Mastery Pet Food and there have never been any problems like this. It sometimes happened that the best before date had passed, with a few days, then it was just to throw awayas soon as possible, so it did not rush to other packaging.

Nutrena Europe vs Mastery Nutrition

Update 06.06.2020

Petfood/poison. We have strong reasons to think that the brand Mastery Pet Food content some kind of poison in 2005 - brand name today - Mastery Nutrition currently produced by Virbac SA, 252 Rue Philippe Lamour, 30600 Vauvert, Frankrike. As today, several cats died and at least one dog. As long as we live, we will do everything in our power to prevent Mastery Nutrition from entering the Swedish market again without compensating Nutrena for for what happened 2005 in December.

On December 5, 2005, all this boring and segregated story began. Today it´s more than 13 years ago! Because we know there was some kind of "poison" in Dog`Cat International's products, we've been hanging all the time and thinking about going on for as long as we live.

We have cat food that we have kept in room heat for over 11 years, yet it looks brand new !! No mold, no bugs, no bad smell !! That is, at least, very strange. Other dogs and cat foods can not be stored for more than one month before it contains mold and other miscellaneous undesirable insects. Thus it is beyond doubt that Mastery Pet Food contained an extremely high contaminated in 2005 and early 2006. Cats and dogs died of these devastating products.

This is an important up-date to the situation regarding contaminated pet foods in Sweden from the French company Dog N` Cat International, sold under the brand label, Mastery Nutrition
It has come to our attention, that Dog N´Cat International have advised their distributors throughout Europe and elsewhere, that the reason for the said contaminations is because our pet food warehouse was not up to standard.

Please be advise of the following: 
The Nutrena pet food warehouse has been passed by the authorities and Passed and accepted by Dog N´Cat International in may, 2003 by their representative, Mr. David Van Pottelberge. who is a qualified vet? for Virbac the parent company of Dog N`Cat Int?l. 
As most who have been affected by this contamination both in cats and dog, you will all know and has now been confirmed by vets and experts. That the most probable root cause for the contamination is; infected fat globules which are known and can carry salmonella and other viruses. All other pet food producers manufacture extruded pet food around + 100 Celsius. However Dog N`Cat Int?l of France only use 15 Celsius in their process. Which would indicate that under the right circumstance and if there is a fault in the process, is a recipe for disaster. The shear numbers of affected animals, 36 so far, and many have not reported to it us, but have just switched to another brand.  Most of the Nutrena customers now that we are seeking legal redress to this ongoing situation and it has been agreed by our legal team, that those who want to seek compensation as well are now welcome to join the Nutrena legal suite. Therefore, those that are interested to join the legal action against Virbac/Dog N`Cat International, please contact us. 

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En svensk distributör stämmer med Virbac S.A. och dess dotterbolag Dog N'Cat International och varumärkena Mastery Pet Food. De rättsliga åtgärderna är resultatet av att dotterbolaget Dog N'Cat International har sålt förorenade produkter på den svenska marknaden. 

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Un distributeur Suédois poursuit en justice Virbac S.A. et sa filiale Dog N´ Cat International et les marques Mastery Pet Food. L´action juridique est le résultat de la filiale Dog N´ Cat Int´l ayant vendu sur le marché Suédois des produits contaminés. Pour la pleine histoire, allez au site Web d'Internet, 






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